During the 15 years of the Ad Libitum festival, we have hosted over 350 artists at concerts,
workshops and lectures, who have made 140 world premieres!
We have selected the most interesting concert recordings from all editions of the festival, which we
are happy to make available online.

Musica Elettronica Viva

Musica Elettronica Viva

Musica Elettronica Viva, history’s first ensemble to have employed electronics in the improvisation process, has been present in the world’s music scene for more than fifty years, and still performs today.

Nuria Andorra / Christiane Bopp

Christiane Bopp / Núria Andorrà

Núria Andorrà studied at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe, where she now directs a doctoral programme dedicated to free improvisation in contemporary music.

Barry Guy / Joëlle Léandre

Barry Guy / Joëlle Léandre

Like Ad Libitum 2017’s artist-in-residence Joëlle Léandre, Barry Guy emerges as an ideal artist whose masterful instrumental skills combine improvised and composed music into one universe of sound (..)

The Mud Cavaliers

The Mud Cavaliers need not be introduced to the Ad Libitum audience. One of them was the festival’s co-founder and frequently performed on its stage with invited artists (..)

Deep Memory Trio

Deep Memory Trio

Few of the world’s musicians demonstrate equal virtuosity in inventive improvised displays and in Baroque counterpoint performed within an orchestra.

Zlatko Kaučič / Saadet Türköz

Saadet Türköz / Zlatko Kaučič

This phenomenal duo consist of Saadet Türköz, a Turkish born singer whose family and musical roots look back to the culture of the highland peoples of Central Asia (..)

Alexander von Schlippenbach / Glob Unity Orchestra feat. Tomasz Stańko

Glob Unity Orchestra

Europe’s oldest improvising orchestra, it was set up by Alexander von Schlippenbach more than half a century ago.

Blue Shroud Band

Blue Shroud Band

“Whilst THE BLUE SHROUD reflects on the human condition and the continued suffering and violence in the world (..)”

Alexander Schlippenbach Trio

Some of the bands established by Alexander von Schlippenbach have proved essential to the history of improvised music in Europe.

John Tilbury / Eddie Prevost

John Tilbury / Eddie Prévost

Music is a part of life that informs it and enters it, but it is not life itself. – Eddie Prévost  In our music we are searching for sounds and for the responses that attach to them, rather than thinking them up, preparing them and producing them. – Cornelius Cardew

Fernandez / Guy / Lopez – TRIO AURORA

The Aurora Trio

The trio of Agustí Fernández, Barry Guy, and Ramón López made its first recordings in 2004, but the world learned about them two years later, when their CD Aurora came out.

London Jazz Composers Orchestra

London Jazz Composers Orchestra

This was the first Polish concert of Barry Guy’s London Jazz Composers’ Orchestra, which for many years was his platform in the search for balance between improvisation and notated music.

Paolo Pandolfo / Daniel Almgren Recén

Italian gamba master Paolo Pandolfo presents his fascinating vision of early music and its development over the centuries, shedding light on phenomena in contemporary culture.