Darek Komorek, who has been creating the original image of the Ad Libitum Festival for years, has already offered us many typographic compositions. For years, his crazy lettering projects, like the music presented at the Festival, were “freely improvised” works.

For three years, posters have been dominated by large single letters which, thanks to their scale, have become pictograms. In 2018, the diamond-shaped “O” was a suggestive sign of femininity. A year later, the letters “A” and “E” formed a simplified drawing of a standing figure with a hand gesture emanating “electro-energy”.

In 2020, in the characteristic letter “i” you can recognize a schematic silhouette with a human head – a composition referring to the „i-image” (“i-bild”) by Hans Arp from around 1920. This project, perfectly continuing the image of the Festival, is also a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Dada movement that we value in advocating artistic freedom.