Agustí Fernández & Ad Libitum Ensemble

When asked what he expected of his work with a group of Polish improvisers, Agustí Fernández answered: No expectations, no plans, no schedules. I am open to both the people and to any musical ideas that may emerge. Nevertheless, we as the organisers of his workshops for ten young Polish musicians, followed by a final concert, had a plan of our own. Fernández’s artistic path is marked, after all, not only by collaborations with the most famous improvisers and original projects signed with his own name, but also by the achievements of Free Art Ensemble, the product of his work with young Spanish musicians. Could we start a band with no history of its own and make it play the festival’s final concert? A band whose music would only arise there and then, embodying what is most fascinating and attractive in improvisation – risk-taking, mutual inspirations, magic moments, and joint work on creating a new musical reality? Today we may safely confirm that this project has been entirely successful.

Agustí Fernández, piano 
Dominik Strycharski flutes 
Wacław Zimpel, clarinet 
Gerard Lebik, Ray Dickaty, tenor saxophones
 Artur Majewski, trumpet 
Marcin Olak, guitar 
Patryk Zakrocki violin 
Ksawery Wójciński, double bass 
Rafał Mazur, acoustic bass guitar
 Hubert Zemler, percussion / 
19.10.2014, Warsaw, The Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio
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